Friday, February 26, 2010

The peanut butter is standing by

One of my favourite little utilities is Tinnes' Timed Shutdown. Indeed, it's light, effective, and easy to use: programming at its finest. The only flaw is, it doesn't support standby. I don't know why. It supports hibernate. It can, instead of changing the power state, simply disconnect from the internet. It can even shut down the system when something else disconnects the system from the Internet. But no standby. And as my favourite power management feature, this irks me.

So when I tried to find a replacement for Timed Shutdown in order to perform a delayed standby, I was dismayed to discover that every utility I discovered a) cost money, b) had a UI inspired by putridity at its finest, and/or c) did anything and everything but standby the system after a duration.

As my mother says: if you don't like dinner, the peanut butter is in the cupboard. As my mother's son, I say: if you don't like the solutions you find on the Internet, the IDE is in the Start menu. So I've written a program to replace it. It's a little lighter on features (it won't support the CPU load or Internet connectivity conditions, as I've never found them very useful) but it will support both a countdown and a set time, and it will support every possible state change I can think of. I'll be releasing it shortly.

Irony, however, has struck; now that I finally have a light, effective, and easy-to-use program to put my computer to sleep, my recent motherboard upgrade has left me with a system that refuses to resume from standby without bluescreening. And I'm not sure there's any peanut butter in the cupboard for that.

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