Monday, January 18, 2010

Dealing another blow to bad headlines

This article/blog on my Google News feed caught my eye today. Now, I should mention upfront that I generally dislike PC World, at least online (I've never read the print edition). Their articles and especially their headlines tend to have, to my eye, a disappointingly negative, skeptical, and argumentative tone. I can best describe it as having a sort of tabloid-y feel. Or maybe a FOX News feel. Like these headlines: "Windows 7: No Application Compatibility Woes ... Yet". Or "Lower PC Prices Pit Microsoft Against PC Makers". Or "Hey, Microsoft: Please Stop Trying So Hard". I admit, the tone issue may not be the rule, but it's certainly not the exception. I also frequently detect some pro-Apple bias, but that might just be me being sensitive. Still, I like to imagine that the Macworld editors were forced by some monkey-suit to come up with PC World and continue to be subversive about it.